The Genus Flavobacterium

  • Jean-François Bernardet
  • John P. Bowman


The genus Flavobacterium Bergey, Harrison, Breed, Hammer, and Huntoon 1923, emend. Bernardet, Segers, Vancanneyt, Berthe, Kersters, and Vandamme 1996 (Bergey et al., 1923; Bernardet et al., 1996) is probably one of the best examples of the revolution brought to the classification of a bacterial taxon by the use of the phylogenetic techniques based on the comparison of 16S rRNA sequences. Of the seven species considered in the previous edition of Bergey’s Manual of Systematic Bacteriology (Holmes et al., 1984), only the type species F. aquatile was finally retained while several other taxa, previously misclassified in other genera, were added to form an extensively emended genus Flavobacterium (Bernardet et al., 1996). Since then, the genus has considerably expanded owing to the description of many new species mostly originating from polar habitats. The organisms currently included in the genus Flavobacteriumwere distributed among different chapters in previous editions...


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