SECTION 3.3 Gamma Subclass

The Prokaryotes

pp 197-214

The Genus Enterobacter

  • Francine Grimont
  • , Patrick A. D. Grimont



The genus Enterobacter was first proposed by Hormaeche and Edwards (1960a). However, the history of some species now placed in the genus Enterobacter can be traced, albeit with some confusion, to the end of the 19th century. “Bacillus lactis aerogenes” was isolated by Escherich (1885) from milk and renamed “Bacillus aerogenes” by Kruse (1896) and “Aerobacter aerogenes” by Beijerinck (1900). Until 1955, differentiation of this organism from Friedländer’s bacillus (now called Klebsiella pneumoniae) was not clear, and most authors considered “B. lactis aerogenes” or “Aerobacter aerogenes” to be either nonmotile or to contain both motile and nonmotile strains (Grimbert and Legros, 1900; Edwards and Fife, 1955). This led Edwards and Fife (1955) to state that “A. aerogenes” strains were in fact Klebsiella strains.

Bacterium cloacae” was described by Jordan (1890) and transferred to a new genus “Cloaca” as “Cloaca cloacae” b ...

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