The Genus Desulfotomaculum

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A summary of the diversity and biochemistry of bacteria that carry out a dissimilatory sulfate reduction has been given in Chapter 24. Sulfate-reducing bacteria that form heat-resistant endospores are classified in one genus, Desulfotomaculum (Campbell and Postgate, 1965). The first isolate of this genus, a moderate thermophile, was originally described as Clostridium nigrificans (Werkman and Weaver, 1927), later as Sporovibrio desulfuricans (Starkey, 1938), and finally was named Desulfotomaculum nigrificans (Campbell and Postgate, 1965). Subsequently, some other moderately thermophilic and some mesophilic Desulfotomaculum species were isolated (Table 1). The genus exhibits a great nutri-tional versatility, comparable to that of nonsporeforming sulfate reducers (see Chapter 24). H2, alcohols, fatty acids, other aliphatic monocarboxylic or dicarboxylic acids, alanine, hexoses, or phenyl-substituted organic acids may be used as electron donors for dissimila-tory sulfate reduction (Table...


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