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The Prokaryotes

pp 511-755

Organic Acid and Solvent Production

  • Palmer Rogers
  • , Jiann-Shin Chen
  • , Mary Jo Zidwick

Part I: Acetic, Lactic, Gluconic, Succinic and Polyhydroxyalkanoic Acids

Palmer Rogers, Jiann-Shin Chen Mary Jo Zidwick

In Memorium

Shortly before the completion of this chapter, Palmer Rogers passed away suddenly. Palmer was the one who motivated and shepherded us to the completion of this work. He had a lifelong dedication to education of students and helped them attain the satisfaction that achieving in-depth understanding of science through hard work can bring. Palmer was kind, creative, energetic and uncompromising in his scientific integrity and will be remembered with fondness by the many people whose lives he touched.

General Introduction

The objective of this chapter is to present the ways bacteria are effectively harnessed as biocatalysts to perform the synthesis of bulk organic acids and solvents. Prior to the development of the petroleum-based chemical industry, microbial fermentations of agricultural biomass were ...

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