Waveguide Slot Array Antennas

  • Jiro HirokawaEmail author
  • Miao Zhang
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At first, the history on studies on waveguide slot antennas and arrays is described briefly. Then the components for the waveguide slot antennas are explained. Various configurations of the waveguide slot antenna are described, and the equivalent circuits for some configurations are given. The procedure to design a waveguide slot array antenna is explained, and also the analysis model to design the element is discussed as well as the scattering matrix in connecting the equivalent circuit with a transmission line. Finally, the design examples for one-dimensional and two-dimensional arrays of the waveguide slot antennas are explained.


Slot antenna Waveguide Array Equivalent circuit Longitudinal slot antenna Inclined slot antenna Edge-slot antenna Reflection-canceling slot antenna Standing-wave excitation Traveling-wave excitation Series feed 


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