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Critical Race Theory: a Marxist Critique

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Critical race theory; (Neo-) marxism; “Race” over class; Racialization; White supremacy

Two central tenets of Critical Race Theory (CRT) are its advocacy of “white supremacy” as an accurate description of everyday racism and its primacy of “race” over class1.

“White Supremacy”

Rather than its limited usage to describe only extremist groups today, such as the Ku Klux Klan or hate groups, or realities of antebellum USA, or apartheid South Africa, Critical Race Theory (CRT) employs the concept of “white supremacy” as a descriptor of reality for everyday experiences of racism now. “White supremacy” is seen as a more useful term than racism alone in certain contexts, for example, in the United States and in other specified countries, including the United Kingdom and Australia2. This is problematic, both through history and in the present. There are at least seven reasons for this. “White supremacy”:
  • Directs attention away from capitalist economics and politics

  • Homogenizes all white...


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