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Encyclopedia of Geropsychology

pp 1094-1102


History of Longitudinal Statistical Analyses

  • Manuel C. VoelkleAffiliated withInstitute of Psychology, Humboldt University BerlinMax Planck Institute for Human Development Email author 
  • , Janne AdolfAffiliated withMax Planck Institute for Human Development


Longitudinal data; Longitudinal data analysis; Longitudinal research; Longitudinal studies; Repeated measures

(Re)Constructing the History of Longitudinal Statistical Analysis

Longitudinal statistical analysis has a long past but a short history. In fact, until very recently, longitudinal statistical analysis did not exist as a subject, but was inextricably tied to substantive research in different disciplines. Even today, most publications on longitudinal statistical analysis are written from the perspective of a certain discipline and focus on a specific research design and data structure. Examples include pertinent work on large sample panel data (Hsiao 2014) and single-subject time series data (Lütkepohl 2005) in economics, crossover experimental designs in medical and pharmaceutical research (Jones and Kenward 2014), and the typical applications in the social sciences, often involving multiple individuals and a moderate number of repeated measurement occasions (Singer and Wi ...

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