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Handbook of Academic Integrity

pp 1-11

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Developing a Sustainable Holistic Institutional Approach: Dealing with Realities ‘On The Ground’ when Implementing an Academic Integrity Policy

  • Erica J. MorrisAffiliated withAnglia Ruskin University Email author 
  • , Jude CarrollAffiliated withIndependent Educational Development Consultant, Formerly at Oxford Brookes University


This chapter revisits the development of a holistic institutional approach for enhancing policy and practice related to academic integrity in higher education institutions. It draws on research and on the extensive practical experience of the authors to identify key issues, which may undermine the effective implementation of policy. The aims are to suggest remedies for impediments to implementation, to establish good practice, and to share lessons from institutional academic integrity initiatives. First, we review how variations in understanding of academic integrity issues among staff can impact on how consistently a policy is used. We then discuss how policy can be regularly reviewed and “kept alive” through working with staff and students, and finally, we discuss how to help stakeholders recognize that there are no “quick fixes” to addressing the issue of student academic misconduct. Institutional change requires commitment and resources from many people, especially from university senior managers, and connected strategies involving staff and students over a significant time period. The chapter concludes with recommendations on how shared understanding, active involvement, and long-term thinking might be achieved.