Dictionary of Geotourism

2020 Edition
| Editors: Anze Chen, Young Ng, Erkuang Zhang, Mingzhong Tian

Germu Saline Lake National Mining Park, Qinghai

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-13-2538-0_891

This park is located in Germu City in the Tsaidam Basin in Qinghai. It was designated as one of the first group of national mining parks by the Ministry of Land and Resources in August 2005. Because the lake and sky have the same colour, the Chaerhan Salt Lake is known as the ‘King of Salt Lakes’. The park includes a salt sculpture park, sightseeing salt pan, water park, and a salt lake history museum. The museum has an area of 2,020 m2 and is divided into five exhibition areas: a salt lake knowledge area, salt lake development area, potash fertiliser industrial development area, exquisite salt bloom display area and recreation area.

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