Dictionary of Geotourism

2020 Edition
| Editors: Anze Chen, Young Ng, Erkuang Zhang, Mingzhong Tian

Salonga National Park, Congo

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-13-2538-0_2128

Salonga National Park is located in the borderland of four provinces, namely, Kasai-Oriental, Kasai-Occidental, Bandundu and Equateur, in the west-central part of the Republic of the Congo. It consists of a north park and south park and covers an area of 36,000 km2. The park is Africa’s largest tropical rainforest reserve. Situated at the heart of the central basin of the Congo River, the park is isolated and accessible only by water. It is the natural habitat of many endemic endangered species, such as the dwarf chimpanzee, the Congo peacock, the forest elephant and the African slender-snouted or ‘false’ crocodile.

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