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Quality Reconceptualized in Early Childhood Sociocultural Contexts and Quality and Quality Standards in Early Childhood Education

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Based on a sociocultural perspective, learning and development of children cannot be confined to psychological and biological processes. Learning and development also encompasses the cultural, social, linguistic, and practical contexts in which learning takes place. Children learn and develop by communicating and interacting with their environment (Vygotsky 1986). This contribution focuses on the conditions created for children to learn and the relations of said conditions to various structural elements, such as the teacher’s pedagogical, didactical, and subject knowledge, the preschool environment, and the structures inherent within the settings of this environment. Preschool can thus be considered a key factor in the development of society by its focus on children. To a similar extent, it is also important for caregivers, professionals, and politicians. From a sociocultural perspective, society is continuously developing, and the developments in preschool are strongly...

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