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Belonging for ‘Outsiders Within’, A Critical Race Perspective on Whiteness as a Means of Promoting the ‘Insider Without’ Syndrome

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It had been a good day. The first year of the PhD had been completed and Afolabi had successfully defended his proposal in the upgrade interview. Afolabi’s supervisors were exceptional – asking tough, but challenging, questions. He couldn’t wait to return the books to the library and get a good night’s sleep. One of the nice perks that comes with working at a university is that you also get to study there. Afolabi often feel a sense of privilege, gratitude, and pride working at a prestigious university and being able to do a PhD part time. Having completed his undergraduate and master’s degrees on the same campus, the library had become a second home. Added to that, as part of his role as a member of staff, Afolabi hosted several events in the library and believed he had a convivial relationship with the staff.

The books were heavy and for ease, Afolabi donned the lanyard...

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