Encyclopedia of Teacher Education

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Teacher Professional Development in Papua New Guinea, Challenges and Opportunities for Educators

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Teacher professional development is considered to be an integral part of teacher development and preparation, which are oriented toward achieving effective schools in the Papua New Guinea (PNG) educational context. For this reason, the University of Goroka in PNG has introduced the Lahara program for upskilling untrained teachers. It was discontinued for a while but revived in the 2018–2019 Lahara session (summer school course) because of high demand for untrained teachers to be properly trained, qualified, and ready to be employed in PNG secondary schools. Teachers undertake staff professional development using different approaches such as formal, informal, and in-service education, staff professional orientation, and further study opportunities, among others; this entry will discuss these five in further detail. Teachers purposefully upskill themselves and develop the relevant competencies to execute their professional tasks and responsibilities with ease and confidence....

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