3D Silica Lithography for Future Optical Fiber Fabrication

  • Gang-Ding PengEmail author
  • Yanhua Luo
  • Jianzhong Zhang
  • Jianxiang Wen
  • Yushi Chu
  • Kevin Cook
  • John Canning
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Conventional silica fiber fabrication using chemical vapor deposition (CVD) has been a successful optical fiber fabrication platform, producing the bulk of commercial optical fibers and fiber amplifiers that form the backbone of today’s Internet. As the Internet evolves into a so-called ubiquitous “Internet of things,” or IoT, the role of optical fibers is expanding from a mainly passive telecommunications transmission medium to host for fiber sensing, fiber devices and lasers, and beyond. This is creating a demand for increasingly sophisticated optical fibers. Unfortunately, conventional silica fiber fabrication has limited capability in both material and structure flexibility for diverse and custom-designed functionalities. This chapter discusses the research and development of 3D silica lithography using digital light processing and related technologies for future fabrication of specialty silica optical fibers with greater freedom in both structure and material formation. Showing enormous prospects and identifying challenges and pathways based on recent reported progress in 3D printing glass, the new era of additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, technologies offer great potential to produce key disruptive silica fiber technology for diverse and sophisticated needs in future fiber communication and sensing systems. The first printed optical preforms are reported here.


Optical Fiber fabrication Additive fiber manufacturing 3D fiber printing 3D silica lithography Specialty optical fiber Silica optical fiber Structured optical fibers Doped optical fibers 


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