A Variety of Dynamical Settings in Dual-Core Nonlinear Fibers

  • Boris A. MalomedEmail author
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The chapter provides a survey of (chiefly, theoretical) results obtained for self-trapped modes (solitons) in various models of one-dimensional optical waveguides based on a pair of parallel guiding cores, which combine the linear inter-core coupling with the intrinsic cubic (Kerr) nonlinearity, anomalous group-velocity dispersion, and, possibly, intrinsic loss and gain in each core. The survey is focused on three main topics: spontaneous breaking of the inter-core symmetry and the formation of asymmetric temporal solitons in dual-core fibers; stabilization of dissipative temporal solitons (essentially, in the model of a fiber laser) by a lossy core parallel-coupled to the main one, which carries the linear gain; and stability conditions for \(\mathcal{P}\mathcal{T}\) (parity-time)-symmetric solitons in the dual-core nonlinear dispersive coupler with mutually balanced linear gain and loss applied to the two cores.



I thank Professor Gang-Ding Peng for his invitation to join the production of this volume and to write the present chapter.


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