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Decommissioning of Fixed Platform

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The decommission of a fixed platform is the final phase of its life cycle. The process starts by unplugging and abandoning the well; removing the conductors, subsea systems, and topsides followed by the installation process in reverse sequence; doing remediation work; and clearing debris from the project site. Modules can be removed and placed on barges and then towed to different locations depending on the planning for subsequent use. The usual methods of decommissioning are complete removal, partial removal, and remote reefing (Ibrahim Khan and Islam 2007).

Scientific Fundamentals

Decommissioning Process

The decommissioning process of fixed platform is very complex, which can be divided into the following steps.

Planning and Engineering

The initial phase of decommissioning is to gather all the available information and prepare an Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) for owner approval. The structure is inspected, and an underwater survey...

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