Cladding-Pumped Multicore Fiber Amplifier for Space Division Multiplexing

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Space division multiplexing (SDM), a way of transmitting data over multiple cores embedded in single strand of fiber or multiple modes of a few-mode fiber, has generated much interest as a potential means for enhancing the capacity of optical transmission systems. During the past several years, in addition to developing high-performance specialty optical fibers for SDM, worldwide research efforts have made possible realization of SDM signal amplifiers with remarkable optical performances. Multicore fiber amplifiers with different number of cores, both single and few moded, and pumping schemes have been developed to pump the cores individually or through a common cladding. This chapter describes state-of-the-art cladding-pumped multicore fiber amplifiers developed for amplifying space division multiplexed signals. Different structures and underling key components, design procedures, experimental demonstration, and evaluation of optical properties of these amplifiers will be described.


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