Hinduism and Tribal Religions

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Purāṇas are the old narratives in ancient Sanskrit texts, which tells us about the Hindu view of the universe, gods, sages, kings, traditions, and social order.


The Hindu Purāṇas are Sanskrit texts which, in a general way, can be set to represent the basics of the Hindu religion and the philosophy embedded in it, through stories, fable, anecdotes, parables, and simple explanations. They tell us about the Hindu view of the universe, gods, sages, kings, traditions, and social order in an easy and simple way so that ordinary people can understand it. Thus, they perform the function of carrying the essentials of Hinduism to the ordinary people. Purāṇas are not viewed as inferior to the Vedas but regarded as equivalent in status to the Vedas. So much so that they are referred to as the fifth Veda (purāṇam pañcamo vedah) ([1], p. 1). The purāṇas are regarded as no less sacred than the Vedas. Taken collectively, they have great value as...

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