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(Also known as Panchali; Yajnaseni)

Draupadi is a mythological figure and a major woman character in the great Indian epic Mahabharata. The daughter of Drupada, the King of Panchala, Draupadi is the common wife of the five Pandava brothers and the queen of Indraprastha and Hastinapura. Draupadi is one of the pancha-kanyas or the five ideal women of Hindu mythology namely Ahalya, Mandodari, Sita, and Tara, renowned for their unfailing adherence to their svadharma or duties as mothers, sisters, and wives. Draupadi is worshipped as a cult Goddess in many temples of south and western India [1]. Draupadi is worshipped also as Durga, Parvati, or Kali, incarnations of the Adishakti or as incarnations of the Goddess Shri or Lakshmi (Prosperity), and even as Sachi, the consort of Indra, the King of Gods in the Hindu tradition [2]. Draupadi is also sometimes associated with Annapurna, the goddess of food, for her superb culinary skills and her open kitchen that was always ready to appease the...

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