Higher Education Systems and Institutions, Cape Verde

  • Pedro Videira
  • Pedro TeixeiraEmail author
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The Cabo Verde archipelago is located 480 km off the western African coast at roughly the same latitude as Senegal. The islands were settled in the fifteenth century by white colonialists and African slaves, which gave rise to a very significant Creole population which lasts until today. In 1975, following an 11-year war between the Portuguese colonial authorities and nationalistic movements, the islands became independent. Since 1990, the country has been a representative and constitutional democracy benefitting from political stability and free multiparty elections. The implementation of market-oriented policies in the 1990s has led to steady economic growth in an economy which, in the absence of natural resources, benefits from the islands’ strategic location and is mostly service-oriented. Even though the archipelago of Cape Verde has a population of around 550,000 people, there is a very significant diaspora, and most Cape Verdeans in fact live abroad, mostly in...

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