Encyclopedia of International Higher Education Systems and Institutions

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| Editors: Pedro Teixeira (Editor-in-Chief), Jung Cheol Shin (Editor-in-Chief)

International Academic Mobility in Europe, Regional Perspectives

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The process of going abroad in the context of higher education, for study-, training-, and/or research-related purposes.


International academic mobility comes in many forms and shapes, most of them not specific to Europe alone. Different categories of people within higher education can be internationally mobile: students, academic staff (professors, teaching assistants, researchers at different stages of their research career, etc.), as well as, and increasingly so, administrative staff. The purposes of such stays abroad can be multiple as well, and specific to the category of mobile individuals; students most typically go abroad to study, have a practical training period, increase proficiency in a foreign language, do fieldwork, or carry research, while academic staff, most often attend conferences, work in joint research projects, copublish, and teach. There is also...

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