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Lundstedt, Anders Vilhelm

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Anders Vilhelm Lundstedt (1882–1955) was a Swedish jurist who, like Karl Olivecrona and Alf Ross, studied under Axel Hägerström, the fountainhead of the Uppsala School of Jurisprudence. He studied law at Lund University, where he earned a doctor of law degree in 1908, and where he taught as associate professor. In 1914 he was appointed professor of private law and Roman law at Uppsala University and kept teaching there until his retirement in 1948. Throughout most of this time span, he was also active in politics as a social democrat, under which banner he served as a councilman in Uppsala (1919–1929) and then in the lower house of the Swedish parliament (1929–1948), often taking positions on the basis of his legal thinking (Sundell 2005, p. 467) and promoting changes to the criminal system and other liberal reforms.

It was by coming into contact with Hägerström that Lundstedt specifically developed an interest in the philosophy of law. Growing dissatisfied with traditional legal...

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