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Nino, Carlos

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Carlos Nino was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on November 3, 1943, and died in La Paz, Bolivia, on August 29, 1993. He received his law degree at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) in 1967 with honors and his DPhil at Oxford in 1977. Professors Finnis and Honoré were his supervisors and Hart and Skegg his examiners. Nino held a Philosophy of Law Chair at UBA and taught at New York, Yale, and Pompeu Fabra law schools; he was a visiting scholar in Harvard, UCLA, and Freiburg; and a speaker in conferences around the world.

He was also a public intellectual. After finishing his time at Oxford, he returned to Buenos Aires where the bloodiest dictatorship in the history of Argentina was kidnapping, torturing, disappearing, and killing thousands of people. Nino resumed teaching at UBA, became a researcher, and worked as a lawyer. Eventually, he will become together with Malamud Goti and Farrell one of the main legal minds behind Argentina’s transition to democracy in 1983.

He worked...

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