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Nanorobotics for Synchrotron Radiation Applications

  • Nabil Amari
  • David Folio
  • Antoine Ferreira
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By nanorobotic manipulation, it is meant that nano-objects are localized, positioned, and placed by controlling external forces under the X-ray beam of a synchrotron.


Nanorobotics for Synchrotron Radiation Facilities

In nanosciences and nanotechnology, the frontiers between chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering become blurred, and more and more an integrated, multimodal approach to the characterization of the intrinsic properties of individual nano-objects becomes essential. The goal is to distinguish the properties of the object itself free from object–surface or object–environment interactions. Indeed in the continuous reduction of the device size where smaller and smaller material quantity is involved, the individual properties of each nano-object will tend to modify the collective properties. In this frame, the development of reliable applications, often based on auto-organization process, required the knowledge of the effects that are coming from the...


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