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Micro- and Nanomanipulation for Nanomanufacturing

  • Stefan Johansson
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Micro- and nanomanipulation for nanomanufacturing concern the manipulation of micrometer or nanometer sized objects to build nanostructures. In spite of the intuitive impression that the concept in this entry is limited to individual and physical handling of nanoscale objects, also parallel processing with a large degree of self-assembly is normally included in the definition. The manipulation can be made both by physical contact, e.g., electrostatic gripping, and by non-contact techniques, e.g., optical tweezers. The manipulation equipment could be any size while the tool(s) should have a manipulation resolution in the sub-micrometer range.

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This essay is divided in seven main sections. After a very brief introduction to the “History” of this entry, the “Concepts” used in the text are explained to avoid misunderstandings. There are slight variations of concept definitions depending...


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