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Centre for Animal Welfare and Ethics

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History of the Institute/Organization

In the 1980s, Australia was experiencing criticism over a number of high profile animal welfare issues, most notably concerning the export of livestock to the Middle East. The cattlemen of Queensland suggested that the University of Queensland might host a Chair in Animal Welfare. In 1989 a UQ Senate Select Committee on Animal Welfare made a recommendation that a Chair in Animal Welfare be established at the University of Queensland. After fund-raising and preparation by the University’s Development Office and the School of Veterinary Science, Clive Phillips was appointed to this position in 2003, from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. The funds raised from federal and Queensland state governments, the Australian Veterinary Association, and some local shire councils in the Gatton area were sufficient to support not only the Foundation Chair for a period of five years but also the establishment of a Centre for Animal Welfare and...


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