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Encyclopedia of Food and Agricultural Ethics

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Water, Food, and Agriculture

  • Keith DrommAffiliated withLouisiana Scholars’ College, Northwestern State University Email author 


Access to clean freshwater is becoming increasingly difficult for many people around the globe. The problem of water scarcity will require both local and global remedies and the implementation of permanent, long-term solutions. Ethical issues arise at the levels of both the crisis and its solutions. They also do not result only from the problem of water scarcity. All water use has impacts on humans and the environment that require ethical consideration. The first section of this entry summarizes the water crisis and reviews generally the ethical issues it entails. The second section briefly discusses several proposed solutions and their ethical implications. The third section examines the idea that there is a human right to water. The fourth and final section considers different water management paradigms and their approach to the ethical issues of water use.

The Water Crisis

Water is a truly renewable resource. The water humans consume today is the same water that was consum ...

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