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There is a long tradition of ethics in Bulgaria, with the first monograph on bioethics written in 1988. In the early years, the main focus was on confidentiality, models of physician-patient relationships, informed consent, and rights of patients. Later, issues of life and death, ethical principles in research, transplantation problems, and justice in health care drew attention. Teaching programs were developed and different study materials were published. A Bulgarian center for bioethics was established, and several conferences have been held. Professional organizations of physicians, dentists, nurses, and other associated medical professionals adopted professional codes of ethics and started controlling their implementation. In addition many health care laws dealing with ethical issues have been adopted. Debates have taken place, for example, on legalization of euthanasia, surrogacy, an age limit for access to assisted reproduction, and prohibition smoking on public places, although they were held mainly in the media and barely entered academic ethical discourse. Ethical issues related to emerging technologies have been included in several publications. Bioethics, however, is still perceived mainly as theoretical knowledge and ways to incorporate it effectively in clinical practice should be found.


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