Bacterial, Plant, and Fungal Carbohydrate Structure Database (CSDB)

  • Philip Toukach
  • Ksenia Egorova
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Carbohydrate Structure Database (CSDB) is a regularly updated database on structures, taxonomy, bibliography, NMR spectra, and other data published for prokaryotic, plant, and fungal carbohydrates and their derivatives, including those containing noncarbohydrate moieties. Key features of this project are high data quality and aiming at full coverage. CSDB has multiple services, such as NMR prediction, NMR-based structure ranking, and tools for statistical analysis. It is freely available at


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CSDB was funded by grants from the International Science and Technology Center (#1197p), Russian Foundation for Basic Research (#05-07-90099 and #12-04-00324), and Russian Federation President program (# MK-1700.2005.4). A part of data came from the CarbBank database (University of Georgia, Athens, USA). Authors thank Prof. Y.A. Knirel for support of the bacterial CSDB.


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