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  • Miguel A. Rojas-MaciasEmail author
  • Alexander Loss
  • Andreas Bohne-Lang
  • Martin Frank
  • Thomas LüttekeEmail author
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Abstract started as one of the first online portals containing bioinformatics resources for glycobiology and glycomics. It consists of a variety of tools and databases that are connected to each other. Many of the applications are related to carbohydrate 3D structures, but other data sources such as MS or NMR are also supported. This chapter provides an overview of the available resources, their interconnections, and options to access and use the data.


Bioinformatics 3D structure Glycan conformation Molecular modeling Data mining NMR MS data interpretation 


Acknowledgment was initially developed at the German Cancer Research Center Heidelberg in the research group of Claus-Wilhelm (“Willi”) von der Lieth. Unfortunately, he unexpectedly passed away in November 2007, which was a great loss to the glycoinformatics community. Most of the resources described in this chapter would not exist without him.


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