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Design Dictionary

Part of the series Board of International Research in Design pp 96-97


  • Rosemary O'Neill

Criticism is a genre of reflective writing on design generally characterized by a detailed description and comparative assessment of a product or system in relation to like products, function, stated intentions(s), or the process/realization in relation to a specific social context. The dissemination of design criticism in diverse (→) publications such as newspapers, popular magazines, design, and art magazines, online reviews, professional publications, academic journals, blogs, and other print, media and online outlets is indicative of its present scope, varied modes of writing, and unpredictable standards. One of the primary missions of criticism—informing and shaping public views and opinions—has been broadened as this traditionally journalistic form of writing has been transformed into a hybrid of popular, poetic, promotional, and academic discourses. This development within criticism has opened up the field to disciplinary perspectives such as history, sociology, philosophy, visu ...

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