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The nothogenus is presented in short form, including bibliographical citation, synonymy, parent genera, and etymology.

×Neobergia E. L. Smith (J. Bromeliad Soc. 33(2): 73, 1983). — Distr: Cultivated only.

= Neoregelia × Billbergia. Smith (1983) lists the combination B. nutans × N. spectabilis (= × Neobergia ‘Perneri’), and later, B. nutans × N. carolinae was mentioned as × Neobergia ‘Noddy’. The plants are like a robust B. nutans but become red during flowering, and have a shortened, ± erect (rather than arching or hanging) inflorescence.


  1. Smith, E. L. (1983) Bigeneric hybrids — A listing. J. Bromeliad Soc. 33(2): 69–75. Scholar

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