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The nothogenus is presented in short form, including bibliographical citation, synonymy, parent genera, and etymology.

×Biltanthus Hort. Roehr (Exotics, Cat. Julius Roehrs Comp., [], 1947). — Lit: Butcher (2013). Distr: Cultivated only.

Incl. ×Cryptbergia Anonymus (1952).

= Billbergia × Cryptanthus. For long known as ×Cryptbergia, the change of name is necessary because of nomenclatural priority (Butcher 2013). Smith & Downs (1979: 1604, as ×Cryptbergia) mention the hybrids C. bahianus × B. nutans (= ×Cryptbergia ‘Red Burst’ = ×Cryptbergia rubra hort.) and C. beuckeri × B. nutans (= ×Cryptbergia meadii B. & C. Wilson 1963 = ×Cryptbergia ‘Mead’). Smith (1983) mentions a couple of additional cultivars, and several more have become known since (Butcher 2013). Plants are usually intermediate between the parents, i.e. the leaves are more ascending-spreading in the hybrids in comparison with the Cryptanthus parent, but far shorter than in Billbergia nutans.


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