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×Deuterocairnia BROMELIACEAE

  • N. SchützEmail author
  • F. Krapp
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Part of the Illustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants book series (SUCCPLANTS)


The nothogenus is presented in short form, including bibliographical citation, synonymy, parent genera, and etymology.

×Deuterocairnia D. Butcher (J. Bromeliad Soc. 52: 51, 2002). — Distr: Cultivated only.

= Deuterocohnia × Pitcairnia. The only known hybrid (‘Lenny’) is the cross Deuterocohnia brevifolia (female) × Pitcairnia sp. It was obtained in 1999 by Len Summer, Melbourne, Australia. The plant is reminiscent of a Deuterocohnia, but larger than its female parent.

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