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The nothogenus is presented in short form, including bibliographical citation, synonymy, parent genera, and etymology.

×Maysara D. M. Cumming (Haworthiad 13(3): 115, 1999). — AlooideaeLit: Cumming (1999). Etym: For Harry Mays (fl. 1999), English succulent plant enthusiast and at the time editor of the journal “Haworthiad”; plus the suffix ‘-ara’, indicating plurigeneric hybrids.

Incl. ×Rowleyara D. M. Cumming (1999) (nom. illeg., Art. 53.1).

= Astroloba × Gasteria × Haworthia. The only known combination has not been named formally.


  1. Cumming, D. M. (1999) New nothogenera proposed for four trigeneric hybrids within Aloaceae. Haworthiad 13(1): 20–21.Google Scholar

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