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Simulation of Manufacturing Systems

  • Aydin NassehiEmail author
  • Marcello Urgo
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Simulation is the dynamic observation of an abstract model of a system through time with particular attention to the system’s key attributes. The term is used extensively in manufacturing to refer to different types of such observations ranging from visual simulation of factories or individual machine tools to stochastic simulation of entire supply chains. Today, most simulation activities are carried out by computer software systems. Simulation systems are often categories into discrete-event simulation systems and continuous time simulation systems based on the approach they take with regard to advancing the time of the simulation forward.

Theory and Application

Discrete-Event Simulation

Discrete-event simulation is a type of simulation where the operation of a system is represented as a number of labelled points in time in chronological order. Each of these “points” is defined as an “event” and signifies a change in an aspect of the system’s state....

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