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Computer-Aided Manufacturing

  • Dimitris MourtzisEmail author
  • Sotiris Makris
  • George Chryssolouris
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Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) can be defined as the effective utilization of computers in manufacturing (Groover 1987).

Extended Definition

Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) can be defined as the use of computer systems to plan, manage, and control the operations of a manufacturing plant through either direct or indirect computer interface with the plant’s production resources. In other words, the use of computer system in nondesign activities but in the manufacturing process is called CAM (Elanchezhian et al. 2007).

Theory and Application


Historically, CAD/CAM systems firstly appeared in ancient Egypt and Greece, as graphics communication used by the engineers. Later on, Leonardo Da Vinci developed techniques such as cross-hatching and isometric views. The invention of computers and xerography made possible the creation of graphics and visualization (Zeid 1991). Practically, the history of computer-aided...
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