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Coated Tools

  • Konstantinos-Dionysios BouzakisEmail author
  • Nikolaos Michailidis
  • Georgios Skordaris
  • Emmanouil Bouzakis
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Coatings deposited on cutting tools are ceramic layers of few micrometers in thickness which exhibit high mechanical strength and hardness, chemical inertness, and low thermal conductivity. As such, a significant increase in performance is realized over uncoated tools.

Extended Definition

Coated tools have compound material structure, consisting of the substrate covered with a hard, antifriction, chemically inert, and thermal isolating layer, up to several micrometers thick. In this way, coated tools compared to uncoated ones offer better protection against mechanical and thermal loads, diminish friction and interactions between tool and chip, and improve wear resistance in a wide cutting temperature range. Coatings follow the topomorphy of the tool substrate surface. Depending on the deposition process, the film thickness may vary on the flank and rake faces of the tool....
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