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2016 Edition
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Sarcocystis Species: Animals as Intermediate Hosts

  • Heinz MehlhornEmail author
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Sarcocystis Species in Ruminants


Greek – sarx = meat, flesh; sporos = seed, cyst.

Species names are composed of names of intermediate and final host species (e.g., bovicanis – Latin: bos = cattle; canis = dog).

Geographic Distribution/Epidemiology

Worldwide, high prevalence rates (occasionally of 50 %) in animals on meadows.

Morphology/Life Cycle

After ingestion of sporulated oocysts, two generations of schizonts occur in cells of the wall of blood vessels of the omentum (Fig. 1). Beginning after one month cyst formation starts in muscle cells (Fig. 2). The formerly as Miescher’s tubes (Miescher) described tissue cysts can be found as different species in all ruminants. The following species (see others in Table 1,  Sarcocystis) are of importance for humans, since they may infect humans directly or lead to economic losses in cattle/sheep/goat production.
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