Design of Mobile Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: An Introduction

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The rapid evolution of mobile technologies has been accompanied by equally rapid changes in how people interact with each other, and with society. These changes have implications for teaching and learning. They also present exciting possibilities for changes to how educators, instructional designers, and students themselves approach teaching and learning. Despite this, many questions remain as to how best to design learning environments and resources to meet changing demands, and leverage emerging resources. This chapter provides an overview of some of the issues and trends reflected in this section of the Handbook of Mobile Teaching and Learning, which focuses on recent experiences and innovations in the design of mobile teaching and learning in higher education. Introductions are provided for the seventeen chapters that make up this book section, which cover topics ranging from pedagogical perspectives on the transformation of face-to-face learning to mobile contexts, to how to design effective mobile lessons, business models for mobile teaching and learning, and new instructional design frameworks.

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