Encyclopedia of Mineral and Energy Policy

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| Editors: Günter Tiess, Tapan Majumder, Peter Cameron

The United States: Mining Laws

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Mineral Use and Import/Export for the United States

The United States has vast mineral resources, the development and use of which are fundamental to the United States economy. The total value of nonfuel minerals produced in 2020 in the United States was $82.3 billion. Of that, metals accounted for an estimated $27.7 billion, and industrial minerals were an estimated $54.6 billion. Separately, coal production accounted for approximately $18.8 billion in 2020. And exports of raw mineral materials in 2020 were an estimated $4 billion. Underscoring just how significant minerals are to the United States economy, in 2020, United States minerals and imported processed mineral materials were used by downstream industries to create an estimated value of $3.03 trillion in produced goods.

Minerals play an essential role in numerous sectors of the economy, not just in terms of mining, but also in processing, manufacturing, and direct employment of workers. Mining and minerals permeate practically...

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