Human Meniscus: From Biology to Tissue Engineering Strategies

  • Hélder Pereira
  • Ibrahim Fatih Cengiz
  • Joana Silva-Correia
  • Joaquim Miguel Oliveira
  • Rui Luís Reis
  • João Espregueira-Mendes
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Once meniscus is damaged, a cascade of events occurs leading to degenerative joint changes of the knee. The morbidity of patients can significantly increase overtime and degeneration of the cartilage can progress, resulting in arthritis. Possibilities for treatment of meniscus lesions are primordially focused in repair and replacement (e.g., acellular scaffolds and meniscus allograft transplantation). Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine have been providing new options in medical practice. However, these disciplines require deep understanding of the target tissue and physiopathology of the implicated disorder. In order to overcome the current limitations, fundamental studies have been made for developing reliable strategies aiming to obtain superior tissue healing. Herein, it is presented the most relevant insights and research directions on the fundamental biology and biomechanics of meniscus. The principles of tissue engineering (triad) and the significant in vitro and in vivo reports addressing meniscus regeneration are included, once these will provide the basements for future clinical directions.


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