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Encyclopedia of Earthquake Engineering

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Novel Bio-Inspired Sensor Network for Condition Assessment

  • Simon LaflammeAffiliated withDepartment of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering, Room #416A, Iowa State University Email author 


Bio-inspired sensor; Condition assessment; Flexible strain gauge; Sensing skin; Sensor network; Shape reconstruction; Soft elastomeric capacitor; Structural health monitoring


Condition assessment of civil structures is a task dedicated to forecasting future structural performances based on current states and past performances and events. The concept of condition assessment is often integrated within a closed-loop decision, where structural conditions can be adapted based on system prognosis. Figure 1 illustrates a particular way to conduct condition assessment. In the process, various structural states are measured, which may include excitations (e.g., wind, vehicles) and responses (e.g., strain, acceleration). These measurements are processed to extract indicators (e.g., maximum strain, fundamental frequencies) of current structural performance. These indicators are stored in a database, and also used within a forecast model (e.g., time-dependent reliability, Markov ...

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