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Encyclopedia of Earthquake Engineering

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Psycho-social Recovery Following Earthquake Disasters

  • Sarb JohalAffiliated withJoint Centre for Disaster Research, GNS Science/Massey University Email author 


Earthquake support and recovery


Our awareness of our exposure and vulnerability to disaster events, and the challenges in assisting those that survive them, has been heightened by events such as the Canterbury earthquakes and the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami. Events like these represent a serious disruption to community life, damage to property, reduced or drastically altered economic activity, and serious degradation of the environment. Moreover, they tax resources beyond the regular capacity of the organizations tasked to respond to such events, requiring the appropriation and mobilization of extra resources.

A psychosocial approach to disaster management takes the perspective of understanding the potential mental health impacts that can occur on a large scale to affected populations, as well as at an individual level. Raphael (2007) identified the key specific elements that are included in psychosocial disaster management as resilience, social processes, ...

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