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2015 Edition
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Seismometer Self-Noise and Measuring Methods

  • Adam T. RinglerEmail author
  • Reinoud Sleeman
  • Charles Robert Hutt
  • Lind S. Gee
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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-642-35344-4_175


Coherence analysis; Instrument noise; Seismometer testing


Seismometer self-noise is usually not considered when selecting and using seismic waveform data in scientific research as it is typically assumed that the self-noise is negligibly small compared to seismic signals. However, instrumental noise is part of the noise in any seismic record, and in particular, at frequencies below a few mHz, the instrumental noise has a frequency-dependent character and may dominate the noise. When seismic noise itself is considered as a carrier of information, as in seismic interferometry (e.g., Chaput et al. 2012), it becomes extremely important to estimate the contribution of instrumental noise to the recordings.

Noise in seismic recordings, commonly called seismic background noise or ambient Earth noise, usually refers to the sum of the individual noise sources in a seismic recording in the absence of any earthquake signal. Site noise (e.g., cultural sources, nearby tilt...

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  • Reinoud Sleeman
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  • Charles Robert Hutt
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  • Lind S. Gee
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  2. 2.Seismology DivisionRoyal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI)De BiltNetherlands