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Seismic Robustness Analysis of Nuclear Power Plants

  • Manuel PellissettiEmail author
  • Ulrich Klapp
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Seismic margin assessment; Seismic PRA; Seismic probabilistic risk analysis; Seismic probabilistic safety analysis; Seismic PSA; SMA


Nuclear Safety

Commercial nuclear power plants (NPP) are industrial facilities that represent a significant hazard potential. Consequently, the pertinent safety requirements are particularly stringent. Nuclear safety is assured by deterministic and probabilistic analysis. In deterministic analysis, the safety systems are shown to withstand design basis accidents (DBAs), typically using conservative assumptions. In probabilistic safety analysis (PSA), the frequency of accident progressions leading to core damage (PSA level 1) and large early release (PSA level 2) is quantified and compared to target values that are judged as low enough.

Consideration of Earthquakes in Nuclear Safety

Earthquakes are external hazards on which the duty holder of a nuclear facility, e.g., a nuclear power plant, has no or only little control.

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