Encyclopedia of Earthquake Engineering

2015 Edition
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Soil-Structure Interaction

  • Christos VrettosEmail author
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Dynamic soil-structure interaction; Seismic soil-structure interaction; SSI


Seismic waves propagating through the soil impinge upon structures founded on the soil surface or embedded into it. Displacements are then produced both in the structure and in the soil. The mutual dependency of the displacements is called soil-structure interaction, abbreviated as SSI. Consequently, the motion occurring at the base of the structure is different compared to the free-field motion (motion in the absence of the structure). Soil-structure interaction characteristics depend on several factors:
  • Intensity, wavelength, and angle of incidence of the seismic waves

  • Soil stratigraphy

  • Stiffness and hysteretic damping of the particular soil layers

  • Geometry and rigidity of the foundation

  • Embedment depth of the structure

  • Inertia characteristics, slenderness, and natural vibration period (eigenperiod) of the superstructure

  • Presence of nearby structures

Various effects are associated to...
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