Nanophotonic Systems Based on Localized and Hierarchical Optical Near-Field Processes

  • Makoto Naruse
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Nanophotonics offers ultrahigh-density system integration since it is based on local interactions between nanometer-scale matter via optical near-fields and is not constrained by the diffraction limit. In addition, it also gives qualitatively novel benefits over conventional optics and electronics. From a system architectural perspective, nanophotonics drastically changes the fundamental design rules of functional optical systems, and suitable architectures may be built to exploit this. This chapter discusses system architectures for nanophotonics, taking into consideration the unique physical principles of optical near-field interactions, and also describes their experimental verification based on enabling technologies, such as quantum dots and engineered metal nanostructures. In particular, two unique physical processes in light–matter interactions on the nanometer scale are examined. One is optical excitation transfer via optical near-field interactions, and the other is the hierarchical property of optical near-fields. Also, shape-engineered nanostructures and their associated polarization properties are characterized from a system perspective, and some applications are shown. The architectural and physical insights gained enable realization of nanophotonic information systems that overcome the limitations of conventional light and provide unique functionalities that are only achievable using optical near-field processes.


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Part of this work was supported by the Strategic Information and Communications R&D Promotion Programme (SCOPE) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. The author acknowledges Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd., for fabrication of the hierarchical hologram.


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