Encyclopedia of Corporate Social Responsibility

2013 Edition
| Editors: Samuel O. Idowu, Nicholas Capaldi, Liangrong Zu, Ananda Das Gupta

Corporate Responsibility Index

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  • Nahla Kamal
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The Corporate Responsibility Index (CRI) is a management and benchmarking tool produced by UK’s Business in the Community (BITC). It was developed in collaboration with BITC’s corporate members.

It is designed to assist managers enhance their CSR performance and to allow benchmarking of companies on certain aspects of CSR.


Business in the Community in the United Kingdom created the CRI in 2002. Over 350 organizations have used the tool in the UK since its creation, most of which are UK-based companies listed in the FTSE 350.

It has been argued that the essential features upon which corporations work are the management of risks, transparency of systems, and corporate ethics (Hopkins 2004). The CRI uses a standardized method and question set through which corporations can report on their ethical and environmental performance. It is an instrument and not an entire system;...

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