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High Pressure Mercury Lamp

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A lamp that produces light as a result of an electrical discharge, generated between two electrodes, in a high-pressure mercury vapor that is contained in a transparent bulb. In some versions, fluorescent powder is applied that converts the ultraviolet part, which is emitted together with visible light, into visible light to improve the color quality of the light.

High-Pressure Mercury Gas-Discharge Lamps

High-pressure mercury lamps belong to the group of high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps because they are available in high lumen output (and thus high luminous intensity) versions. High-pressure mercury lamps are available in versions where the discharge takes place in vaporized mercury only and in versions in which metal halides are added so that the discharge takes place in mercury vapor and in vaporized metals from the metal-halide components [2, 3]. These latter types are called...

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